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If you are new to Megabuyte and don't have a subscription with us, you will need to tell us about you and your company.



I have a Megabuyte account

If you are already a Megabuyte user and would like to apply to become a Forum Member, please email Karen Gibson or call us on: 0118 948 5852



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CXOs - Corporate membership (full membership) is free-of-charge and open to main board directors of UK-registered companies based (public or private-owned) with revenues in excess of £5 million. You do not need to be a Megabuyte subscriber.

Investors/Advisers - Associate Forum membership is automatically granted to investors and advisors through their Premium Plus subscription and affords access to our two annual flagship conferences.

Do I have to be a Megabuyte subscriber in order to join?

CXOs do not have to be a Megabuyte subscriber in order to join the Forum.  Investors and advisers must be subscribers before being considered for Forum membership.

How do I know what events are taking place?

Forum members are emailed with details of forthcoming events. We also publish an events calendar on the Forum section of our website. 

Sorry - our printout facility isn't available to you.

You can find examples of printouts in Free-to-Air section.

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