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Megabuyte's popularity is testament to the quality, breadth and depth of our coverage.  Informed, unvarnished, qualitative and quantitative, independent and often proprietary - no other service offers the deep '360 degree' insight that is Megabuyte.

Plugging ​the research gap

Megabuyte was founded in 2007 to fill a gap in the market between the stockmarket-focused research of the investment banks on the one hand and the industry research of the likes of Gartner and IDC​ on the other. 

From humble beginnings as a blog, Megabuyte has grown exponentially to become a highly-regarded, ‘go to’ source of market intelligence for the IT Service, software and telecoms industries.

Who We Research

We track the financial performance and corporate activity of Europe's leading international software, IT services and telecoms companies.  We research both private and publicly quoted companies to provide a 360 degree view of the market.

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Our Research Policy

Megabuyte is completely independent - we do not trade in shares, we do not own any shares in the companies about which we write and we do not generate any revenue from corporate finance fees. Our only goal is simply to provide timely, high quality analysis of the sector.

How we go about researching companies.

Our Credentials

Megabuyte was founded by Ian Spence, a former City analyst, who has been involved in researching and raising money for companies in the UK technology sector for nearly 20 years.  To put that in context, Ian’s involvement with the sector pre-dates technology companies even being regarded as a sector in their own right! 

Ian was voted TechMARK analyst of the year in 2004 and, in November 2008, Ian received the award for the second time making him the first and only independent analyst to be recognised in this way.  Until very recently, Ian was the only analyst to have been twice-awarded analyst of the year.  (One of his protégés was the second!)

Ian was joined by Philip Carse in 2009, who brought 20 years telecoms analytical and consulting experience, including as an equity research analyst in highly-rated teams at Citigroup, UBS and Commerzbank.

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At a glance

The information you need.  Delivered.  An overview of Megabuyte's on-line and bespoke intelligence solutions and The Megabuyte Forum, our unique CXO networking forum. 

On-line information services

Subscription or pay-as-you-go

News & Analysis  Daily Newswire, sector commentary, company analysis and global view; Reports Peer Groups, Tech Trends and Corporate Activity; Database companies, peer groups, people, transactions, investors.

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The Megabuyte Forum

CXO peer-to-peer networking

Enjoy unprecedented networking opportunities.  Join over 600 board-level directors attending our thematic programme of dinners and events taking place throughout the year. Membership is free.

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Bespoke Information Solutions

Actionable strategic advice

A range of pragmatic consultancy solutions delivering highly-relevant advice, insights or recommendations.  Includes Analyst Insights, Transaction Support and Corporate Strategy.  Retainer or project-based.

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